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3 Ways Retailers Are Using Integrated Video Analytics Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 April 2016 10:18

Retailers face challenges every day. Whether it’s sales, staff, security, or safety, there are issues that are always vying for your number one priority. Right now retailers around the world are increasingly turning to Video Analytics within their surveillance system to help ease some of the load and maximize productivity in many aspects of their business. Here are a few of the top ways retailers are using Aimetis Video Analytics™ right now.

Heat Mapping for Areas of High Customer Activity – Object Dwell and Count


It can be hard, at a glance, to perfectly identify where people are traveling in your store or standing for an extended amount of time. You may have an area in your store that you would deem low traffic, but may be a gold mine for product placement after reviewing your Video Analytics. By using object count and object dwell heat maps inside your Video Analytics, you have the opportunity to identify trend areas of high customer activity within your retail space.


By identifying these high traffic spaces, you can use the trend pattern to help find the best locations for high profile displays or increase the number of staff in a particular department. You can also alleviate possible congestion in particular spots that are seeing long dwell times where customers shouldn’t be browsing for products. This is being used right now by Vivara Jewelry, Brazil’s largest retail jewelry chain.


People Counting to Identify Peak Store Traffic – Aimetis People Counter


Having trouble determining your store’s busiest time? Using the Aimetis People Counter™ is your opportunity to track the number of people entering and exiting your store and discover those peak times of day. This is a tremendous tool to leverage to ensure your peak store traffic matches with your sales trends, as well as make sure you have adequate number of staff to help serve your customers.


This last need is very important in case your sales do not match up with your peak traffic. A trend like that could mean that you need to have more staff on hand. This is incredibly important if you are a traffic and customer service heavy retail operation, such as a bank, shopping mall, or electronics retailer. Data from the Aimetis People Counter provides many applications you can start using right now.


Eliminate Loitering in Unwanted Areas – Object Dwell Monitoring


Is loss prevention an issue in particular areas of your store? The Object Dwell Monitoring video analytic needs to be your next move. Set up your Video Analytics to give you live alerts if people are loitering in key areas of your store and immediately send staff to the area to check on the activity. This can also be used outside of your store for any irregular activity of people loitering around your building at odd hours. Checking the timeline alerts on your VMS analytics for outside loitering, at off-peak times, could help stop possible thieves from casing your store for future robbery.


As you can see Video Analytics has many applications for retailers that can not only help keep your business safe, but can actually grow your business along the way. Take the time to use these valuable tools to work for you today.


Utilizing your networking video  analytics doesn’t have to be difficult. Simplify your network video management with Aimetis Symphony Analytics and start leveraging the power of your video data.


Author: David Tubbs, Content Marketing Manager



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