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3xLOGIC Announces New Version of VIGIL Trends for ISC West Debut Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 March 2015 19:32
3xLOGIC, Inc., a provider of integrated intelligent security solutions, announced that it has significantly updated the company’s flagship business intelligence software, VIGIL Trends.

VIGIL Trends provides a clean, simple visual snapshot of your business. Leveraging unique icons, graphs, and intuitive color-grouped images, Trends empowers the user to interpret vast amounts of disparate data more effectively and efficiently than ever thought possible. Trends reports are completely customizable, presenting information in the format and method most effective for you.

The VIGIL Trends dashboard lets you track and improve metrics that directly impact the success of your business with modules such as:

·       Instant Video Clips

·       Location-by-Location Comparison

·       30-Day Snapshot

·       Event Reporting

·       Traffic Counts

·       Propped Doors

·       Conversion Rates

·       Line Queue Reports

·       Weighted Exception Reports

·       LP KPIs

“Our first version of Trends was focused on creative ways to display the more traditional marketing data—people counting, conversion rates and customer service times. In this version, we have focused on POS Exception Reporting, user audit data, as well as processing data from other customer data feeds,” explained Charlie Erickson, 3xLOGIC SVP for Product Development.

“Combining Trends’ big data engine with POS enabled us to create Exception Reporting KPI reports, where top offenders from thousands of employees doing millions of transactions daily bubble up to the top. Coupled with a YouTube-like video playback, these offenders can be quickly identified and removed from operations. By optimizing LP investigators’ time and removing offenders from the system quickly, our users minimize their losses. Trends’ intuitive interface empowered one of our early adopters to catch his first offender within 5 minutes of using the system. End users will see rapid ROI with these many new features, the results are immediately visible.”

What’s New?

Weighted KPI Reports

The KPI report is mainly used by Loss Prevention (LP) analysts and Regional Managers to identify employee theft. It is a report that clearly identifies the top 10 “most dangerous” employees in the organization—the employees that are costing the business enormous amounts of money.


How does it Work?

3xLOGIC starts by interviewing the head LP Analyst in the organization to have them give a weight to each exception type they are interested in tracking. Then, each day as Trends processes millions of POS transactions across the entire organization, we run our own algorithms against the data and pick out these exceptions. The exceptions are then grouped by cashier ID; we then multiply each data set by the weights the LP analyst provided. The end result is a color-keyed grid showing who the top offenders are with regard to breaking the user’s exception rules. From there, an LP Analyst can drill down to view the video for each of the violating transactions that went into the cashier’s KPI score for that day or week. The raw report can be exported to Excel as well.


Web-based Video Player

3xLOGIC’s new video player will sync the video with the line items of the receipt. As the video plays, the items are highlighted. Conversely, the user can click on an item in the receipt and the video cues to that point in time—simple and highly effective.

A ribbon above the video indicates all the transactions the cashier has done in the 20 minutes before and after the current transaction. Red indicates suspect transactions. This is very useful since theft usually occurs during windows of opportunity when the store is empty or the storage manager has left for a period of time.

User Audit

Companies make large investments in digital recording systems but payback occurs only if they’re used. The enterprise-level report below shows Regional managers which of their Divisions and Districts are using the equipment on a daily basis. The Audit function provides an ability to drill down to the store level and see which day’s staff met their goals (green circle) for reviewing video and transactions and provide visibility on what they’ve actually done during their reviews.


Manual Video Requests

Frequently, customers want to download video clips for reviewing later and for sharing with others. Trends enables you to select video clips and upload them in a batch method, so you’re not wasting time waiting for the video to get uploaded. A key feature here is that the video can be uploaded at a reduced frame rate and resolution. Video recorded at a high resolution can be uploaded at a lower resolution for review. It also can be uploaded at a very slow frame rate. For example, a store manager can upload video at one image a minute to see a day in the life of their store—when people came in were they wearing the proper clothing, when were the shelves stocked, and other such key information. A great deal of information becomes available in a very small video clip.


Standard POS

Trends can be used to run standard POS reports against any store’s POS transactions. The video and POS is played back in a synchronized fashion.


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