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Geutebruck - Growth at home and abroad Print E-mail

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Thursday, 28 May 2009 09:10
Despite the world economic downturn German video security specialist Geutebruck is continuing to grow at home and abroad.  In Germany Geutebruck has just expanded its domestic sales force, opened two more regional sales offices in Hessen and Bavaria, and increased its sales support staff accordingly.

Geutebruck France has been achieving unprecedented sales of late and has opened a new office in Bischheim to serve customers in the east of the country.  Projects for high profile clients including the European Space Centre in French Guyana, French railway operator SNCF and the port of Marseilles have helped take the turnover of this 10-person-strong national subsidiary to 4 million euros per annum.

In January Geutebruck’s Spanish sales partner FF Videosistemas opened new offices in Barcelona.  “This will bring us nearer our customers in the Basque country and enable us to take better account of regional differences,” explains Francisco “Paco” Ferez who founded the company in 1982 after working for many years at the Geutebruck headquarters in Windhagen.  Having earned a particularly good name for its museum projects, the company’s world-class clients include the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Spanish National Library and the Prado in Madrid.

To quote Carl Raubenheimer, executive vice president of Geutebruck’s US subsidiary and its youngest offshoot, “GSI is now cooking with gas!”  Geutebruck’s ‘made in Germany’ video security attracted much favourable attention at this year’s ISC West exhibition and stand visitors far exceeded expectations.  Having opened a new office in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2008 and recruited a new business development manager responsible for the eastern half of North America, GSI’s network of sales partners is rapidly expanding and the University of Idaho is the latest name to be added to Geutebruck’s list of satisfied customers. []
Last Updated on Thursday, 28 May 2009 09:17
Hikvision - West End City Center in Budapest secured by CCTV Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 13:30
West End City Center, one of the best shopping centers in downtown Budapest, Hungary, is located at one of the busiest junctions of traffic and public transportation of the city. It is by far the largest center of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. With around 400 shops that provide all kinds of services to local residence and tourists, including boutiques, restaurants, supermarket, travel agencies, telecom stores, and banks, as well as Hilton, the 5-star hotel chain, located inside of the shopping center, West End City Center has been the gathering point for hundreds of people every day. Ensuring the safety of the people and assets, therefore, is critical for West End City Center.



The priority in security for West End City Center is to have a centralized platform that supports real-time viewing and high-definition playback to manage the surveillance systems in different shops, so that the security staff can easily get to know the security status in real time.  On the other hand, to store a huge amount of high-definition surveillance video for later retrieval is also one of the major concerns. It is necessary, therefore, for the adopted security devices to support larger storage capacity, and be able to transfer the video to DVDs while needed.


After a thorough investigation and research, West End City Center decided to use the products from Hikvision to guarantee the safety of the center. There are in total 12 sets of Hikvision DS-8016-HFI Network DVRs and HK-1000 keyboards equipped in the surveillance system of the city center. DS-8016-HFI, Hikvision’s third generation Network DVR, is an excellent match for the requirement of the city center. The product has 16-channel video input and 16-channel audio input. Each video channel supports up to D1 resolution recording in real time, while DCIF, 2CIF, CIF and QCIF resolutions being the options. Another highlight is its multi-zone motion detection and mask functions to mask sensitive area, which fits into different security and privacy concerns of the city center.  DS-8016-HFI also supports up to 8 SATA hard disk drives for high-speed backup or external memory, which satisfies the requirement of large storage capacity. “Compare to other suppliers, Hikvision’s products have great advantage of high definition viewing, which enables us to see the details of the scenes around the center and ensures the safety of the personnel and assets. Besides, the large storage capacity, easy copy to DVDs, and its reliable performance also make the product a perfect match for what we are looking for,” said one of manager of West End City Center. []

Arecont Vision - Red Light Violators Are 'Clearly' At Fault (2_09) Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 February 2009 20:25

Megapixel Cameras Give High-Def Evidence Of Traffic Infractions in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Anyone who speeds past a red light in Sofia, the metropolitan capitol of Bulgaria, may find themselves facing irrefutable evidence of their traffic violation in the form of a crisp, clear image from an Arecont Vision AV3130 megapixel IP camera.
Sectron Ltd., a provider of turnkey security and communications systems in Bulgaria, has installed 26 Arecont Vision AV3130 cameras to expand and enhance a system to catch traffic violators in Sofia, the largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 1.4 million.

“The superior image clarity provided by Arecont Vision’s megapixel technology made their products the obvious choice for our circumstances,” stated Ilia Yashmakov of Sectron Ltd. “The clear benefit of megapixel technology is that it enables future expansion of our system – which will also include additional Arecont Vision cameras.”

Capturing a legible license number on a vehicle as it speeds past, the AV3130 3/1.3 megapixel full motion progressive scan IP camera provides up to 15 frames per second in color 3 MP  mode and 30 frames per second in black-and-white 1.3 MP mode. It uses massively-parallel MegaVideo® image processing architecture and is capable of sustaining more than 6 billion operations per second for unsurpassed resolution, performance and value.

“The installation in Sofia is a great example of how the image clarity benefits of IP megapixel technology can transform an existing application by making it even better,” said Steven Sarfati, Senior Vice President of Sales, at Arecont Vision.

ViDiCore KG, Arecont Vision's German manufacturer's representative firm, provided the Arecont Vision megapixel cameras as an upgrade for the project. The Red Light Violations system in Sofia originally began two years ago, but initially did not use megapixel cameras, which were introduced during an expansion phase. A special ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera “reads” the license plate of a car driving past and registers the number as a violation if the car passes while the traffic light is red. A software system called Talon from Appian Technology employs a neural network recognition engine to determine the characters in the license number. The Arecont Vision camera provides irrefutable evidence of the infraction by capturing three pictures and a short video showing a general view of how the violation occurred, with the objective of clearly showing the violator's license plate number to prove that the number read by the ANPR camera is correct.

“The Arecont Vision megapixel cameras used provide more than10 times the resolution of an analog camera, which greatly increases the likelihood that the license number will be clear in the video,” continued Mr. Yashmakov. “This has immensely boosted the effectiveness of the system, and the cost is comparable to analog cameras.”

Based on the success in Sofia, Bulgaria, future installations of Arecont Vision megapixel camera technology are anticipated in Sofia and surrounding cities, although additional deployments are totally dependent on the availability of funding, said Mr. Yashmakov. []

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