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ARINC: AIM Security Platform protects critical infrastructure Print E-mail
Friday, 27 April 2012 12:55

ARINC EMEA is initially targeting AIM into EMEA and potentially into the Asia Pacific market and pursuing opportunities such as airports and ports, energy facilities, military bases as well as critical infrastructure. The new business will build on ARINC's established US physical security business where AIM is installed to protect facilities from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to over half of US nuclear power stations.

Andy Hubbard, Managing Director, ARINC EMEA said, "We are fully committed to driving forward this business and have invested in putting the right team in place and in a demonstration system to showcase to the market. With AIM we have a proven and competitive integrated physical security offering to bring to the international market".

The AIM platform is an integrated security management platform which offers maximum cost effectiveness and efficiency. It can be operated from a single workstation providing the operator with complete situational awareness of the whole site. AIM is cost competitive as it can be integrated with any hardware or software sub-systems, such as access control and perimeter intrusion detection devices, which means it can be retrofitted to an existing facility's legacy security system. []

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