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Atos manages security for dm-drogerie markt through Evidian solutions Print E-mail
Friday, 17 June 2016 08:15

Atos supports drugstore company dm-drogerie markt with comprehensive security solutions. dm-drogerie market uses the Evidian solution Enterprise Single Sign-On (E-SSO) for personalized authentication processes, which is user-friendly and enables secure login processes. Evidian's solutions are part of the Bull portfolio, the Atos brand for technology products and software.

The contract will improve operational efficiency for up to 50,000 dm-employees at over 3,000 locations across Europe. It not only offers a strong authentication via RFID badge in combination with a password, but once the employee has logged in they don’t have to type the password each and every time. He then has access to all applications available to him. Thus, the store employees have no complicated registration processes in their workflows. 

The access rights to the solution are managed centrally, are transparent and can be tailored - so that employees have access to all systems necessary for them. The rights are provided and processed dynamically from the existing system. This reduces the administrative workload and ensures necessary compliance requirements are fulfilled.

„What convinced us about the Evidian solution from Atos was that it has been seamlessly integrated into our existing IT environment and that the partnership is characterized by close cooperation. User experiences for our employees improves and at the same time we meet current safety requirements“, says Andreas Gessner, responsible for IAM topics at dm-drogerie markt. „We plan to implement this solution in more than 3,000 stores, thus promoting a unified access and registration management.“ 

„The safe, fast and effective access to corporate data is a critical component of business success. Especially for a decentralized corporate structure, the IT infrastructure has to fulfill special requirements. The protection of data is a top priority. We are therefore pleased that dm relies on our solutions for Authentication and Single Sign-On“, says Winfried Holz, CEO of Atos Germany.

At this year's European Identity & Cloud Conference dm-drogerie markt received an European Identity & Cloud Award for its IAM project for their integration of a SSO solution and the use of RFID for authenticating. The award confirms the innovative character of these solutions since according to Kuppinger Cole such IAM concepts in retail are yet exceptional.

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