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Interview: Axis enters physical access control market Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 08:35

While physical access control is a new market for Axis, innovation is nothing new. Axis started back in 1984 by developing protocol converters and then continued to printers and storage devices before inventing the network camera in 1996. Today, Axis is the market leader in network cameras, security cameras and video encoders (according to IHS Research) and the company now aims to take its expertise in IP technology to the physical access control market.

What is physical access control?

A physical access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit an area at a defined time and place. As a user, you are exposed to the system when you swipe your card at the door unit. A system of controllers, computers and databases behind the door unit manages access rights and grants access to a specific door.

Why are you entering the physical access control market?

Physical access control is a natural complement to Axis’ existing network video portfolio and provides partners and end-customers with unique integration possibilities.

How large is the physical access control market?

The total value of the Access Control market is estimated at USD 3 billion (2012) and is predicted to be worth approx. USD 4.2 billion by 2017 (according to IHS Research). Axis enters a section of this market, which in total is about 25 percent the size of the total video surveillance market (USD 12.6 billion, 2012).

What is your offering within physical access control?

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller and the built-in web based software AXIS Entry Manager is developed to meet the requirements of small- to mid-sized businesses such as offices, industries and retail stores, that typically have 10 doors and basic access control needs. Larger and more demanding installations can use AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller together with a software partner solution in order to meet customer needs such as integration of video and intrusion detection.

How will the products be sold?

The products will be sold through Axis’ normal 2-tier model, using the same existing distributors and integrators as for other Axis products.

When are you launching the physical access control products?

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller will be on display for the first time in late September at the ASIS security exhibition in Chicago and is expected to be available in our US sales channels during Q4 of 2013.

Why are you launching in the US initially and when will the products be available globally?

The US market was an early adopter of network video technology and is a huge market for physical access control. We have well-established channels in the US and an organization with extensive experience in physical access control systems, so it is natural to start offering this new IP-based product line there. The physical access control product line will be rolled out into other markets after we have gathered initial insights from the US market and established sufficient technical support and sales resources.

How does physical access control fit into your existing offering?

Physical access control complements Axis’ existing portfolio of innovative products and is a natural business development step for us to take as there is a strong connection between physical access control and video surveillance. Most of our partners offering both video surveillance and physical access control systems and 80 percent of customers want it to be integrated (according to BSRIA’s 2011 World Security Report).

Does physical access control represent a new era for Axis, just like when you launched the world’s first network camera in 1996 and as a result initiated the shift from analog to digital video surveillance?

We are continuously expanding our portfolio with innovative products. Physical access control fits naturally into the overall strategy and is in line with our vision “Innovating for a safer, smarter world.” Axis' main focus area is and will continue to be network video products. Physical access control is a complementary part of our innovative product portfolio featuring IP-based products.

In what way will the launch of physical access control change the network market?

Axis plays an important role in driving convergence to network-based (IP) products within video surveillance. We believe that our approach of using an open and standardized API will enable system integrators to deliver non-proprietary solutions for physical access control that are easier to integrate with other security systems.

What does entry into the physical access control market mean for Axis' overall strategy?

We see physical access control as a natural complement to our current products and it will be offered through Axis’ existing partner program and sold through the same distribution channels as our network video portfolio. We will remain committed to our number one position in network video while also changing the mindset of the well-established access control market to also move towards using open IP systems.

What percentage of sales do you expect physical access control to account for in the coming year?

Over time, physical access control will represent a relatively small but important part of our total business. We know from experience that ramping up a new product category can take time. Also worth remembering is that the access control market is roughly a quarter the size of the video surveillance market.

Is Axis planning to expand into other new product areas in the future?

As an innovative company with roots in IT, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and product ideas. Axis has always been at the forefront when it comes to launching innovative network video products, which will continue to be our prioritized area. But I hope we can also bring other innovative products and solutions to the market in the future.

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