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Cooperation between Siedle and Jung Print E-mail
Friday, 24 July 2015 14:26
Building communication specialist Siedle and Jung, the specialist in building system technology, have decided to join forces. Siedle will gain an entry into the world of switches and building automation, while Jung can rely on Siedle's experience and innovative drive at the threshold. The cooperation, which launches in mid March, offers a range of benefits for specialist sales.

The two specialist suppliers complement each other perfectly: Within the framework of the cooperation, Jung and Siedle will supply the entire electrical installation from a single source, from switch systems through matching indoor stations and building automation with KNX to the entire Siedle product range for door communication. Including an app, the mobile video intercom Scope and system extensions such as letterboxes, access control and lighting. All the products are among the very best on offer, developed by premium suppliers who impose the most stringent demands on quality, design and innovation.

The two companies are wasting no time in putting these stringent demands directly into practice: For the start of the cooperation, Jung completely revised its indoor station switch design in line with Siedle technology, while Siedle's development work was aimed at ensuring full compatibility of the In-Home bus system. When it comes to the entrance area, the switch specialist will be relying fully in future on the comprehensive Siedle range. At the same time, door intercom systems from Siedle will link into Jung's KNX building technology. All the products for door communication are available immediately.

Concentrated power for tomorrow's markets

Cooperating under the "Neue Synergie" banner, these two independent owner-managed companies will be working together on an equal footing. "This is the first time a cooperation of this kind has happened in our industry", explains Gabriele Siedle. "Synergy happens when the whole is more than the sum of the two parts. Our product portfolios complement each other to create a broad product range which can be supplied as an integral whole by both our companies." As Harald Jung adds, this has enormous benefits to offer for the market: "We are increasingly faced with a demand for interaction between building communication and building system technology." In the important field of project business, for instance. Here, there is a growing demand for sophisticated building communication, often in combination with KNX building automation. To date, neither of the two manufacturers were able to address every aspect of this demand. Cooperation will enable overall design and technical solutions to be created in future to an excellent standard of quality and diversity. The partners are also not ruling out the possibility of joint development work, as Gabriele Siedle explains: "The scope of this very young synergy is far from being exhausted."

The basis: Siedle Systemtechnik
Siedle, which to date has not been active as an original equipment manufacturer, has developed a dedicated sub brand for the purposes of the cooperation: "Siedle Systemtechnik". The new brand identifies products which do not originate from Siedle but are fully compatible with Siedle technology. "This means that indoor stations from Jung are able to function with all the Siedle In-Home systems", explains Harald Jung, "even as retrofit solutions". This represents a decisive benefit, not only for end customers but also for fitters and installers. It will now be possible to address customer requests for indoor stations in a switch design. Not from Siedle – but from a specialist with a true understanding of switches. Conversely, the switch intercoms can now be integrated into Siedle bus systems.

Link-up to building automation
At the same time, building communication from Siedle will link into Jung's KNX building technology. KNX is the international standard in high-end private and project construction. The link between the two worlds takes place over LAN using the Smart Gateway from Siedle as the interface. Visualization at the Jung panels is provided by the Siedle virtual in-house telephone.

As soon as a door call is received, the virtual in-house telephone opens on the panel PCs. Availability of the link is planned from June 2015. The Jung panels with capacitative touch function are available in three display sizes.

From a single source: Quotation and servicing
Anyone with a command of the In-Home bus and the ability to install Jung technology will gain an immediate benefit from the synergy. Because there is no more they need to know. The procedures are the same, and all the devices are integrated into the relevant planning tools, programs and manuals. And in the Siedle online configurator, which will now also be available with immediate effect on the Jung website. Using the innovative online tool, the complete door systems can be planned, calculated and visualized step by step from a single source. Including the indoor stations from Jung. And without the need for any special expertise or training.

All the sales personnel are thoroughly prepared for the launch of the cooperation in mid March. They have a detailed knowledge of the products and the technology of the cooperation partner and are able to draw up quotations for mixed systems. And service does not come to an end after system commissioning. Both companies have also precisely defined their after-sales services. Servicing in the field of door communication will be performed on principle by Siedle, and in the field of KNX by Jung. The premium providers have also defined clear regulations covering warranty and goodwill cases.

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