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Deaf swim coach alerts hoteliers to fire safety danger Print E-mail
Monday, 12 October 2015 11:43

Louise Halvey, a profoundly deaf swim teacher for deaf children, who travels extensively across the UK, more often than not finds that fire safety provision for deaf people staying in hotels is inadequate, potentially putting her own life and other deaf people’s lives in danger.

The Agrippa Pillow Alarm is a portable, battery powered, wire-free unit that uses Geofire's ‘listen and learn’ technology. A pad attachment goes under a sleeper’s pillow. It can be moved around a building as required and ensures compliance with elements of the Equality Act 2010.

The Agrippa Pillow Alarm’s performance has received a very favourable response from Louise: ‘For me, the Agrippa Pillow Alarm is the perfect solution, as it gives a deaf person protection from the danger of fire while in sleeping accommodation. It allows deaf guests like myself to sleep with our minds put at ease, a reassurance that all hotel guests should enjoy. It’s clear from its design that it’s perfect for hoteliers too.’ UK manufacturer Geofire specialises in the manufacture of a wide range of life safety devices used widely as part of fire, security or ventilation systems.

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