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Digital escutcheon – SmartHandle 3062. Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 January 2015 17:44

The digital escutcheon from SimonsVoss combines intelligent access control with an elegant and ergonomic design. The slim, flat component embodies highly innovative technology. 

SmartHandle 3062 – a new door fitting, developed to satisfy the special requirements of the hospitality industry, retirement homes and high end properties. The unique principle of the SmartHandle 3062 is that it communicates wirelessly with the identification media in the digital locking and access control system 3060 and controls where and when up to 64,000 users are granted access. What’s more, it can operate online or be integrated in a G2-based virtual SimonsVoss network.

SimonsVoss even sets new standards with extended battery replacement cycles. The battery only needs to be changed every 10 years! Integrated button cells provide the power for up to 150,000 operations.

Another unique highlight of the digital door fitting 3062 is that it can be installed quickly and easily without wiring and without having to drill holes in doors. The assembly process therefore means simply fastening the fitting with just one screw for a permanent, sturdy installation. This is another principle for which SimonsVoss has applied for a patent. 

Digital SmartHandle 3062 – Hybrid

Hybrid means that the digital SmartHandle has a dual function, as this model not only delivers the convenience of the active variant, but allows you to use passive cards too. This is made possible via its integrated RFID reader, which can read SmartCards based on well-known Standard MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire / EV1 technology, as well as MIFARE (UID), Legic Advant (UID), HID iClass (UID) in compliance with ISO14443 standard. [] []

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