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Door Entry Systems Simplified and Strengthened with the new UIM-138 Print E-mail
Friday, 13 February 2015 20:44

Introducing the UIM-138, an LCD display and voice unit that can be used within door entry systems of residential and commercial properties, to strengthen access control security. The UIM-138 has been developed to not only enhance business and residential access control systems but also to meet the legal requirements of The Equality Act 2010, where entrance door accessibility needs to be granted to all visitors including those with disabilities.

The display and voice annunciation features have traditionally been a feature of digital door panels which are primarily used on large scale developments. The UIM-138 brings this capability to smaller systems which can be used within traditional door entry panels on smaller properties.

The UIM-138 carries a number of features that both simplifies and strengthens the door entry security of a building. For example, a visitor may not always understand how to use a door entry system. The UIM-138 adds call progressing information to the door panel which will take them through the process of calling an apartment using displayed and spoken messages on a step-by-step basis.

The UIM-138 can be added to any vandal resistant or VR4K door panel for the VX2200 system. The two line, 16 character blue back lit LCD is protected behind a 6mm Lexan window. The unit is fully programmable using the built-in USB port and custom PC software allowing user names, apartment numbers and additional displayed messages to be programmed into non-volatile memory.

The UIM-138 provides a number of key benefits to door entry systems. It adds to the user friendliness of the door panel ensuring the panel is easy to use and understand while also offering additional information to visitors. When used with the two scroll buttons and a call button it creates a simple but highly functional door panel which can call up to 180 apartments or businesses simply by scrolling to the name and pressing call. The additional IO facility can be used for a number of functions. One such function could be to show custom messages on the display. These messages, for instance, could be triggered from an apartment to assist a tenant who has difficulties communicating using the telephone handset.

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