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First Alert Updates Award-Winning Nursery Monitor with Virtual Assistant Capabilities

Imagine simply asking your virtual assistant the temperature, humidity or carbon monoxide level in your child’s bedroom, without lifting a finger. That dream will soon become a reality with the latest integrated virtual assistant functionality to be introduced by First Alert. The new Onelink by First Alert Environment Monitor, on display at the First Alert Booth  Consumer Electronics Show (CES), offers advanced sensing technologies to monitor for high and low levels of carbon monoxide (CO), both of which can be hazardous to human health. This innovation features the integration of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, and is Apple HomeKit-enabled. The Onelink Environment Monitor provides information regarding environmental changes or dangers via users’ connected devices.

Winner of several parenting awards, including Mom’s Choice Award, National Parenting Product Award and Family Review Center Gold Award, the Onelink Environment Monitor provides additional peace of mind for households with young children.

The intuitive and compact Onelink Environment Monitor is a free-standing CO alarm which also monitors temperature and humidity. It is Apple HomeKit-enabled, and its latest updated capabilities include integration with the Apple Home app. Optimizing multiplatform versatility, the micro-designed device delivers convenient access to information and notifies users of any shift in their environment’s conditions.  Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless – but toxic and potentially deadly – gas emitted by common household appliances. Standard CO alarms are designed to sense high levels of CO (30-70 parts per million) and the Onelink Environment Monitor will also detect low-level CO at nine parts per million. Low-level CO has been proven to be harmful to infants, the elderly and others with weak or compromised immune systems, with effects ranging from headaches and nausea to confusion and heart problems.


Additional Product Features

A multi-colored LED ring on the device informs users at a glance regarding the status of their home’s temperature. A white light glows if the room is at the programmed temperature, blue indicates the room is too cool, and amber signifies it is too warm. The ring is dimmable, and the brightness can be adjusted based on preference, serving as a night light. Desired temperature and humidity settings are pre-established by the user during setup.

The Onelink Environment Monitor plugs into a standard electrical outlet and has a long-life battery in case of power outages. The back-up power source ensures if carbon monoxide levels are detected in an emergency, it will alert users via a push notification as well as an audible alarm. Since the device is Apple HomeKit-enabled, user data is encrypted and privacy is built-in, allowing users to feel secure while benefiting from the convenience of a connected home.

The Onelink Environment Monitor is part of a complete line of integrated smart home products from First Alert. Other Onelink products include a Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Safe – both designed to work with the Onelink Home app and other connected home platforms, providing a simple, safe and efficient smart home solution.