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Hackitt Report Released For Building Regulations


The ‘Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety’ (also called the Hackitt Report) has recently released its findings. The report concludes that ‘significant systemic reform is needed spanning every aspect of the life of a high-rise building’, from initial building design, through to management and maintenance when the building is occupied.
This was more of a review of high-rise buildings in general, and is entirely separate to the Grenfell Tower enquiry, which is still ongoing.The report calls for;


·        A new regulator to provide stronger oversight of dutyholders with incentives for effective performance and the right sanctions for poor performance

·        Government to set clear outcome based requirements for the building safety standards which must be achieved, and will be monitored by the regulator mentioned above

·        More involvement for residents about the safety of their home

·        Ensuring that more time is spent upfront on getting building design and ongoing safety right for the buildings in scope


It remains to be seen what action will be taken as a result of this report, and also how it will affect the specification and installation of cable.
But, between this report and the Grenfell Tower enquiry, it’s looking unlikely that the CPR regulations will be the only large scale change in legislation to affect the supply and installation of cable products.