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IPCam Plus app – the new video app for professional surveillance

The free IPCam Plus app for iOS and Android gives you complete control over your video surveillance network. Simply log in from your smartphone or tablet using your fingerprint and use the live view to access your cameras at any time and manage them when out and about.

The smart online update function means that the app recognises new cameras without the need for any complicated programming.

Fast access to what you want to see

The smart group function ensures you always have a clear overview. Combine up to six cameras in an individual quick view and experience a new sense of security. Plus you can simply turn your mobile device to landscape mode if you prefer.

You can quickly switch between groups or individual cameras by swiping and adjust the quality of the video image with just one click. You can also select screenshots directly from the live view and send them via email or picture message.

A video solution doesn’t have to be complicated

By using the IPCam Plus app in combination with an IP camera with integrated microSD card, you can view live images and make recordings without the need for a recorder. The data is recorded on the microSD card in the camera and the smart event display saves you having to download the entire video.

(A high-quality microSD card is essential to ensure a reliable system. Only theABUS network recorder offers high-level security.)

Controlling the PTZ Dome remotely and programming tracking shots

You can easily control the PTZ Dome Camera using your smartphone or tablet and zoom in on specific places. What's more, you can program tracking shots and protect your property according to your specific requirements.

Using the app to respond quickly and controlling connected devices with a hotkey

Respond to risks immediately– without having to be on site! You can use the app to remotely control devices that are connected to the camera. The camera image allows you to keep an eye on everything – and you can use it to control shutters, lights or an alarm as required. Your specialist installation company will be happy to advise you.