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smanos K1 and W120 Hubs Now Compatible with IFTTT

 Smanos®, a trendsetting innovator and dynamic developer of wireless smart home and DIY security systems, is pleased to announce that its hubs in the K1 SmartHome DIY Kit and W120i WiFi Burglar Alarm and Camera Kit are now compatible with IFTTT® and home security devices such as door locks from other vendors. From WiFi, cellular, app-enabled alarm and video systems to remote security and energy management, smanos solutions cater to today’s mobile-driven lifestyles and ever-evolving residential needs, and ensure property owners and their family members have complete control, comfort and visual confirmation right at their fingertips within a few short minutes and easy swipes and taps.

“smanos is dedicated to the do-it-monitor-it-yourself market segment, with no annual contract or monthly fee requirements, and both of our K1 and W120 hubs are simple to set up and easy to use/share by average homeowners and their family, friends or neighbors,” said Brian Stark, General Manager for the Americas. “In addition to working with a myriad of smanos sensors, cameras, doorbells, the Google® Assistant, Amazon® Alexa and Nest® thermostats, these smanos systems are now also compatible with IFTTT and by extension other security devices on the platform.” You can now render your home smarter and safer by downloading the IFTTT app to your iOS® or Android® device and exploring the “smanos connect” service and its Applets. Better yet, if you are tech-savvy and adventurous, you can also build your own Applets and rules by linking your smanos device to other IFTTT-compatible home security or automation devices that you already have – there are more than 600 vendors/services on the IFTTT platform.

 Designed in the Netherlands and marketed worldwide, smanos is our complete security, monitoring and automation system lineup for today’s homeowners, Stark stressed. “What makes smanos a must-have brand to e-commerce websites, DIY retailers and telecom operators, is that we’re truly committed to researching, designing and delivering innovative, comprehensive and easy-to-use smart home solutions that will help them outperform their sales and profit targets.” Worldwide, what’s being demanded in the residential market these days is smart, simple, sleek, mobile yet compact and integrated ingenuity, and smanos will continue providing just that, with even more home automation, cloud-based management and monitoring options.