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Serial data to ethernet converter from ComNet aimed at legacy security systems

A serial data to ethernet terminal server – which takes RS232, RS422 and RS485 serial data, converts it to IP and transports it over an ethernet network, and then converts it back at its destination – has been introduced by fibre optic and transmission company ComNet.

The CNFE3DOE2/M provides control of the remote hardware, as if it were connected directly to a PC COM port. It allows any combination of two serial data circuits to be inserted onto any ethernet network.

CNFE3DOE2 units include two serial data input/output ports, and three ethernet ports that feature two TX ports and one SFP port.

Serial data appearing on either of the two serial data ports is converted to ethernet and can be transmitted to either the SFP or RJ45 ports, enabling the unit to be simultaneously used as a media converter and a terminal server.

It also allows simultaneous local and remote access – users can access one serial device from the Internet and another serial device from a local area network using SSH or SSL.

The CNFE3DOE2 can also act as a media converter for converting copper transmission media to optical fibre.

“We’re seeing an increased demand for legacy access control, intrusion and alarm systems that used serial data for communication needing to use the network to access those devices,” said Andrew Acquarulo Jr, ComNet CEO and president.

“The CNFE3DOE2 does that and allows a remote user and a local user to access at the same time local serial data devices connected to the serial data ports.”