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UPS Systems: Static inverters ensures continuous power supply

UPS Systems has extended its product portfolio with the launch of a new range of high performance static inverters, aimed at the security industry. The inverters ensure central power supplies used to provide a source of independent power for security equipment (such as emergency lighting and other essential safety equipment), to ensure that life safety systems operate effectively. The PowerPro EL range of inverters has been designed to meet the stringent new European emergency lighting legislation (EN 50171), covering systems permanently connected to AC supply voltages and those which use batteries as an alternative power source. UPS Systems Managing Director, Tom Sperrey, explained, “It’s essential that security systems remain operable during a power failure. Emergency lighting systems are prone to high inrushes and power surges above normal operating currents. They simply can’t afford to fail. Our new range of inverters has improved continuous overload and higher rated battery charger characteristics which go above and beyond the requirements laid out in EN 50171 legislation.” [www.upssystems.com]