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ip.access: Presence for Safe Cities

Presence for Safe Cities is a unique, low-cost, micro-proximity mobile phone detection system optimised for use in border/perimeter protection scenarios. Based on the unique presenceSensor, Presence for Safe Cities from ip.access captures mobile subscriber information and location data around sensitive sites. This data can be combined with other data sources to provide meaningful, actionable data for government agencies - adding a new, deeper layer of intelligence to border/perimeter security operations.

Due to its diversity, Presence can be deployed anywhere, and is suited to those end users requiring an immediate understanding and identification of who is on their property/facility, or passing checkpoints, particularly at airports, ports and other border controls. Perimeter detection including critical national infrastructure such as energy, oil and gas, petroleum and telecoms facilities can be protected using the Presence solution. Presence also allows counting, identification and localisation of individual cell phone users around a site, and supports APIs for wider integration into PSIM or VMS solutions for situational awareness and improved correlation of data from multiple sensors.

In an age of smart cities, ip.access’ Presence solution delivers real-time, targeted presence-based cellular handset detection and new data streams for personal identification analysis – significantly enhancing the capabilities of today’s security monitoring systems.