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Netatmo’s Presence and Welcome security cameras are now compatible with Google Assistant

Netatmo announces today the compatibility of its surveillance cameras, Presence and Welcome, with Google Home – the speaker with voice control.


Presence and Welcome users can now control their cameras through voice commands. They can view their cameras’ images on their TV or turn on Presence’s floodlight with Google’s voice assistant. Netatmo launched an automatic software update that will make the security cameras compatible with the Google Assistant. The update will affect all Presence and Welcome cameras, including those already on the market.


Just as the internet has revolutionized the telecommunications sector or music platforms have transformed the record industry, voice assistants are helping to democratize the smart home. They allow the acceleration of the market and they fully participate in the task automation in houses. By making our cameras compatible with the Google Assistant, we offer our customers even more convenience and ease of interacting intuitively with the objects in their home “said Fred Potter, Founder and President of Netatmo.


Powered by the Google Assistant, Google Home can help find results from Google, turn up the music, manage everyday tasks or control compatible smart devices. Users just need to start by saying ‘Ok Google”.

“Ok Google, show me the garden camera on my TV”

Presence and Welcome users can now ask Google to show them in real time what’s happening at their home on a Chromecast-equipped TV (“Ok Google, show me the garden camera on my TV”). They can also turn Presence’s floodlight on or off with a simple voice command (“Ok Google, turn on the garden light”). 

Presence, the outdoor security camera, detects and alerts users in real time if someone tries to break into their home, if vehicles enter their driveway or if animals are in their garden. Presence comes with a built-in floodlight that users can manually activate or program to turn on when the camera detects a person, a car or an animal.

 Welcome, the indoor security camera, instantly warns users on their smartphone when it detects an intruder or a stranger at home. The camera sends a picture of the face along with a video. Thanks to its facial recognition technology, Welcome also detects known faces.


Voice commands

– ‘Show/Play/Project/Cast the garden camera on my TV’
– ‘Turn on the garden camera light’
– ‘Turn off the garden camera light’