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NEC becomes a Gold Partner for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

NEC Corporation announced the conclusion of a partnership agreement with the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the categories of "Specialist Public Safety Equipment & Software" and "Network Equipment". Under agreement until 2020, NEC becomes a domestic Tier 1 Gold Partner for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) as well as Japanese national Olympic and Paralympic teams. The Gold Partnership represents the highest level of domestic partnership for the "Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme". NEC's sponsorship categories include three sub-categories that each aim to efficiently support the safety and security of society. The full list of categories and sub-categories is as follows: Specialist Public Safety Equipment & Software Biometric authentication Biometric authentication hardware and related software, including facial recognition, to authenticate the identity of individuals Behavior detection and analytics Behavior detection and analytics software to detect and analyze the behavior of people, crowds, objects and vehicles at events Drones Rotary ("multicopter") or fixed wing, unmanned, local-area aerial craft Network Equipment SDN (*1) SDN-based telecommunications hardware and software LAN / WAN Wired Network Equipment Network-related devices used to connect the transmission of data packets on an Ethernet-based network Wireless Network Equipment Network-related devices used to connect the transmission of data packets on a Wi-Fi enabled LAN between terminal devices NEC views Tokyo 2020 as an opportunity for Japan to evolve into a more sustainable society, as well as for NEC to transform itself into a social value innovator through contributions to Tokyo 2020's Specialist Public Safety Equipment & Software and Network Equipment that will help create an Olympic legacy (*2) for solving social problems. NEC provides a broad range of safety solutions that capitalize on its cutting-edge technologies, such as biometric authentication technologies based on leading (*3) face recognition technology, and the world's first commercialized SDN-based network solutions. Under this agreement, NEC will leverage these technologies and know-how in order to contribute to the safety and security of Tokyo 2020. Moreover, NEC aims to cooperate with a variety of partners in order to leverage these legacy-building Tokyo 2020 achievements and to realize a society that provides equitable services to all while accelerating the development and expansion of advanced social infrastructure projects under its "Solutions for Society" business. NEC boasts a proud history of commitment to the development of a variety of sports and top athletes, including its sponsorship of wheelchair tennis for more than 20 years. Going forward, NEC will continue to strengthen its existing athletic ties while adding to the support of Japan's national Olympic and Paralympic teams and promoting the advancement of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement in general through initiatives in the rebuilding of areas stricken by the Great East Japan earthquake and other social initiatives. *** *1) SDN: Software-Defined Networking; the system and architecture for dynamic control of networks through software *2) Tangible and intangible assets in sports, society, environment, urban development, and economy that are built in cities and countries for the hosting of the Olympics and Paralympic Games *3) Press Release: "NEC's Face Recognition Technology Ranks First in NIST Testing for Third Consecutive Time: NEC Achieves Top Accuracy Score and 'Best-in-Class' Performance in NIST's Face Recognition Vendor Test".