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Smarter Security Offers New Pressure Sensor Tops on Fastlane Turnstiles

Detects people climbing to avoid detection.

Smarter Security, a provider of premium, innovative entrance and access control solutions, introduced a new pressure sensor option to their Fastlane turnstiles. The sensors are designed to detect pressure while ignoring typical vibrations from day-to-day use.  Pressure sensors are currently available using the standard decorative top for the following Fastlane turnstile models: Glassgate 150, Glassgate 155, Glassgate 250, Glassgate 300, Glassgate 400, and the Fastlane Plus 150SA.

Smarter Security’s Fastlane Pressure Sensor System features a sensitivity control to adjust the weight required for detection of a climb-over. “Fastlane® is known globally for its unsurpassed security technology,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “These new pressure-sensitive tops raise the bar even higher, yet another way of detecting people who try to defeat a building’s security measures.”