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Vinsmart to collaborate with Fujitsu on Qualcomm powered 5G smartphone Development

VinSmart Research and Manufacturer JSC. (a member of Vingroup Joint Stock Company) announced their cooperative agreement with Fujitsu Connected Technologies Ltd. (a member of Fujitsu Group - Japan) on developing 5G smartphones using the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 5G mobile platform. Totally produced in Hoa Lac high-tech zone (Ha Noi), this “Made-in-Vietnam” 5G smartphone is expectedly launched in US, Europe, Russia and other international markets in April 2020.

According to the agreement, VinSmart and Fujitsu will collaborate on developing a special 5G smartphone line named under Vsmart brand. This smartphone line is based on a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 5G mobile platform, along with Fujitsu’s superior features such as battery-saving, IP68 water-resistant standard and the smart 4G + 5G antenna tuning system.

The collaboration of some of the world’s best technology system of Qualcomm Technologies Inc. (USA), Fujitsu (Japan) and the rapidly deploying capacity of Vingroup is expected to bring consumers advanced technology & fashionably-designed smartphones at reasonable prices. This first 5G smartphone line of Vinsmart will be launched not only in Viet Nam but also in other giant markets such as US, Europe and Russia in April 2020.

The cooperation with Japan’s top technical supplier and the world’s best semi-conducting mobile chip manufacturer reaffirms the pioneering spirit and the leading position of Vingroup Joint Stock Company, aiming for creating a major change and unlimitedly developmental progress for Vietnamese technology industry in the future.

Talking about this cooperative relationship, Mr. Quang Nguyen Viet, Vingroup Joint Stock Company’s Vice President said: “Cooperating with some of the world’s leading technology partners such as Fujitsu and Qualcomm Technologies is our strategy to take lead and apply the most advanced technology into the production of smartphone and other smart devices in Vsmart project. We commit to create products that come with high quality, privacy security as well as innovative technology to the consumers”.

“VinSmart is arriving to the Russian market at a time of initial 5G attainment. With access to Qualcomm Technologies’ ever-expanding  product portfolio, VinSmart can unveil and commercialize a range of highly performing and robust devices supporting mmWave spectrum assigned by the Russian regulator for 5G”, said Yulia Klebanova, Vice President of Business Development, Qualcomm Europe.

“Expanding of the Russian line of Vsmart smartphones with solutions supporting the Russian 5G wave spectrum will be possible next spring”, adds Sergey Sadkov, Sales Director, Vinsmart Russia.

The join force between Vinsmart and other technology “giants” as Fujitsu also gives the Vietnamese engineering team a chance to rapidly learn and develop later generations of 5G smartphones independently. This cooperative agreement officially names VinSmart as one of the first 5G Smartphone manufacturers in the world; making Viet Nam to the list of pioneering countries that have 5G-supporting device manufacturers.

Even being a new name in mobile manufacturing industry since June 2019, VinSmart has constantly thrives with strategic, methodical and rapid moves. After releasing the first 4 product lines in December 2018, VinSmart has expanded the appearance of their Vsmart brand in European (Spain) and Asian (Myanmar) markets since the start of 2019, by distributing their smartphones in these countries. In 2019, VinSmart plans to launch 10 more new smartphone models and other smart devices.

The cooperative agreement with Fujitsu gives VinSmart an important opportunity in controlling the manufacturing and supply chain, and step closer to the mission of supplying high-quality smart devices, providing modern and convenient life for Vietnamese and the global civilians.

About VinSmart: VinSmart is a member of Vingroup – the biggest multi-sector private economic group in Viet Nam. This company was founded in June 2018, with the mission of building the “made-in-Vietnam” smartphone brand qualifying the world standard and is managed and operated by the orientation of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About Fujitsu Connected Technologies Ltd.: Being one of the biggest information and communication technology (ICT) companies in Japan, Fujitsu Connected Technology Ltd. aims to bring a friendlier, more convenient life to the future society via advanced wireless products, services and solutions.

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