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New Technical Managers for Euralarm

The professional team of Euralarm has been strengthened with two new Technical Managers. Michael Scharnowsky has been appointed Technical Manager of the Fire and Extinguishing sections; Benoit Stockbroeckx will be the new Technical Manager for the Security and Services sections.

Michael Scharnowsky is well-known within Euralarm. In recent years he has amongst others held the position of chairman of the marketing committee and represented Hekatron within the Fire section. Michael has a long track record within the fire safety world and held various management positions before joining the professional team of Euralarm.

Benoit Stockbroeckx was until recently Head of Division Laboratory of ANPI, an association in the field of fire and theft prevention in which all industrial federations and professional associations as well as the government are represented. Benoit is also no stranger to the Euralarm world. He has worked with Euralarm within various technical standardisation committees and working groups.

Michael Scharnowsky and Benoit Stockbroeckx will support the Euralarm sections on a technical level and keep members informed on relevant developments to enable decision making. Therefore they will collect and share information and participate in both international collaborations and standardization committees as well as working groups. By doing so the managers will contribute to the visibility of the industry and to establishing high levels of safety in buildings.