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Milano-Italia: SICUREZZA 2021 is set

At this delicate time, when the need for social distancing must be balanced with the possibility to continue with our daily lives and professional and commercial activities, security technologies can play a key role in safeguarding public health. While thermal cameras and certified systems to instantly measure temperature are already in operation at airports and other highly trafficked locations, allowing for the immediate identification of subjects at potential risk of Covid19, systems to control access, count people and control flow are all useful solutions with which to manage and monitor any public space, so as to guarantee everybody’s safety. Not to mention the importance of IT security solutions. With Covid19, smartworking has become an absolute priority in order to protect jobs and people, and has been adopted by 72% of firms in Italy (Infojobs source), projecting the country forwards in terms of its digitalisation, while also obliging companies to focus on the issue of network and data security.

Planning for the latest edition of SICUREZZA - a leading event in Europe for security and fire protection sectors set to take place at Fiera Milano from 17 to 19 November 2021 - comes at what is a challenging time for the sector, testing its ability to respond promptly and efficiently.

Raising awareness as to the opportunities offered by security technology across all fields is one of the key aims of the exhibition. And so, as the organisational network for next year’s event is relaunched, SICUREZZA now positions itself as an interlocutor for all companies in the sector.

Success stories, innovative ideas and proposals, and new integrated solutions can all serve as useful weapons in the fight to control the spread of the virus as we all work to build a “new normal”. In this context, SICUREZZA 2021 will present new products from companies around the world and allow all those interested in the subject of security and fire prevention technology to meet and discuss, strengthened by its solid positioning in the eyes of all players in the sector.

The exhibition format, which focuses on technological innovation and integrated solutions and offers a range of certified training opportunities, is truly at the service of those firms, associations and businesses that make up the sector, enliven the market and are able to offer concrete solutions to suit the current times.

The international network of companies, buyers, academic institutions and media operating in sectors related to the exhibition represents added value and, as such, its members will be encouraged to discuss and exchange ideas in the run-up to the next edition of SICUREZZA, with the aim of developing an event in line with market demand and evolution.

SICUREZZA, confirming the contemporaneity with Smart Building Expo, the trade fair for technological integration, completing and integrating the offer on display, is once again ready to serve as a platform for progress, of use even outside of its sector of reference. More than ever before, safeguarding every economic and social context now also depends on the development of those indispensable technologies that make the culture of security a concrete experience in our everyday lives.