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Product tests and certificates from UL International Germany GmbH

As a Notified Body to the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 and as an EOTA Technical Assessment Body (TAB) UL UK can evaluate fire-stopping systems to applicable EN standards and issue the European Assessment Document (ETA) and Certificate of Constancy of Performance necessary for CE marking of the system. A combined UL & EN test can be used as the ‘type test’ necessary for an ETA and CE marking. In addition, product manufacturers must use a Notified Body who should be involved in product testing and on-going inspection of the manufacturer’s Factory Production Control systems. UL can cater for all of these needs whilst at the same time addressing the requirements for the UL Mark.

The UL Mark is the most widely recognized and accepted evidence of a product’s compliance with U.S. and Canadian safety requirements. To consumers, installers, code, and regulatory authorities, the UL Mark is North American’s most valued product safety symbol. This also applies to the UAE and many Middle East countries. Firestopping systems and components carrying the UL Mark reflect compliance to relevant UL safety requirements and show compliance with North American based building codes.

UL’s Marks for Europe are voluntary safety marks intended for use on products destined for the European market. If a product carries one of these marks, it means UL has determined that representative product samples comply with the requirements of this service. These requirements are primarily based on compliance with European (EN) standards. The scope of the certification is specified on the associated certificate, which is available through UL Customer Service or the product manufacturer. UL’s Marks for Europe apply to both electrical and electronic products and components intended for use in Europe. Products are covered by our factory inspection program to determine that end products and components continue to be manufactured in compliance with the service requirements.