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September: First VdS Safety and Security Forum in China

On September 6th, VdS celebrates the 10th year of its presence in Asia with the “First International Fire Safety and Security Forum in China”. // Within the scope of “China Fire” in Beijing, the largest fire protection trade fair in the country, Europe's No.1 for corporate safety and security will present practice-based solutions for fire detection and extinguishing, trends in security and safety, as well as measures for the essential Cyber-Security.

Asia continues to boom – and is increasingly focusing on fire protection and prevention in accordance with Western standards to ensure and enhance the safe management of continued growth. In the case of many public tenders for safety and security products, the well-known VdS-Approval is already obligatory. VdS has supported the success of its customers in this important market for (this month exactly) 10 years through its own office in Shanghai.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Europe's largest institute for corporate safety and security will host the “First International Fire Safety and Security Forum in China”. In the setting of “China Fire”, the largest international fire protection and prevention trade fair in the country, experts from industry, politics, authorities and science will be offered a wide range of information and impulses on optimum loss prevention. The topics of the event on September 6th are, in addition to special market trends, the latest practice-based solutions for fire detection and extinguishing systems, high-security locks or the essential topic Cyber-Security as “fire protection of the 21st century”. In addition to the forum, VdS is organising a joint stand at “China Fire” for the first time with customers such as Siemens, Minimax, SGSG and Wagner.

Lothar Sysk, VdS Chief Representative in Asia and moderator of the forum, said: “VdS enjoys an excellent reputation in the Asian region, also thanks to the outstanding developments and achievements of our partners. The assurance provided by the VdS Quality Seal continues to gain more and more importance and value locally for authorities as well as enterprises. With our first forum here, we want to support the experts from a wide variety of safety and security sectors with important news, impulses and opportunities – using technical application examples and very specific case studies. Of course, there is also sufficient time and opportunity to strengthen German-Chinese networks.”

Participation in the “First International VdS Fire Safety and Security Forum in China” at the Zhongjia Xinyuan Hot Spring Hotel is free of charge. VdS also offers a shuttle service to and from the fair.

The program (in English and Mandarin) and registration possibilities can be found at www.vds-forum-china.de

The event ends with the jubilee celebration of ten years VdS in Asia.