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UL First Lab Performs Software-based PIN Entry on COTS Security Evaluations

UL is proud to announce that PCI SSC has qualified and approved UL as the first lab to perform Software-Based PIN on COTS (SPoC) Evaluations.

PCI released the security requirements for their new standard – Software-Based PIN Entry on COTS (SPoC) in January. Implementation of this standard allows for EMV contact and contactless transactions with PIN entry on the merchant’s consumer device using a secure PIN entry application in combination with a Secure Card Reader for PIN (SCRP).

“PIN on COTS is helping to enable secure payment options in cashless societies,” says Isabelle Noblanc, UL’s VP & GM for Identity Management & Security. “UL is proud to have the first labs in the world to provide this critical security evaluation.”

The Software PIN on COTS standard is expected to drive considerable innovation in the payment market and to advance the disruption in the payment landscape that has been expanding rapidly over the last years. Andrew Jamieson, UL Director of Technology and Security states, “with this accreditation UL continues to prove that we are at the forefront of the fintech revolution, facilitating the business of our customers whilst ensuring that the market needs for security and interoperability are properly met.”

UL is excited to support their customers in the evaluation of new SPoC solutions. The first full evaluations are scheduled to kick-off immediately with market-leading global brands. The first SPoC compliant systems are expected to have successfully completed the evaluation and be available by end of the year.

With more and more businesses accepting payments via smartphones, tablets or other COTS devices, UL’s SPoC security evaluation will bring these businesses and their customers the best available protection for their payment data. Providing trusted and critical security solutions, essential for mitigating risk for an interconnected and cashless world.