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Borg Locks (UK) Ltd. - Solutions around the door

Borg Locks has been designing, creating and distributing its vast range of mechanical access control devices since 1997. With such a long heritage in the marketplace, we have used this knowledge and experience to design models with functionality, performance and quality in mind to cover all number of specialist applications. As a result of this, we now boast an extensive range for almost every timber, steel, aluminium or UPVC application both internally and externally. Due to the fact that we control our own manufacturing facilities, we’re always able to guarantee a high quality of goods consistently. Combined with British engineering, this consistent quality has enabled us the luxury of having a good quality reputation in the locksmith field. In order to make sure each of our products are created with the highest regard of quality, the keypads are regularly cycle tested with our own, specially designed equipment. In the rare occasions where a problem may arise, each product comes with a 12 month manufacturing guarantee to provide ease of mind. Over the years, we have looked to develop and update our product lines to keep with the growing market trends. Because of this, we were able to engineer our patented “Easicode Pro” range of locks to revolutionize the market and introduce a method of mechanical locks not currently seen before.

The BL2402 ECP offers a medium duty equivalent, lever handle upgrade to our BL2000 series. This model is fitted with our patented Easicode Pro coding chamber, allowing quick and easy on the door code change. This comes with a Easicode Pro keypad, a internal inner handle and a 28mm Ali latch.

The BL1000 series is a range of compact (110x40mm) keypads, designed for metal cabinets, lockers and cupboards. They all feature our new ECP Easicode Pro coding chamber, allowing the code to be changed on site, quickly and securely.

The BL6100 is our unique design, incorporating the need for a narrow stile door section lock not often seen on the market. With a body width of just 45mm, this lock is ideal for areas where conventional locks just wont fit including UPVC doors. This comes with an 325mm long extension plate fitted behind the keypad and inside handle adding an extra 113mm to the length of the unit, effectively making it suitable with 90 & 92mm centred multi-point locks and helping to cover all existing holes on the door. This lock incorporates a single column of 8 buttons, each offering a double button press system, allowing digits to appear twice in the code. The free turning handle is permanently clutched to provide no handle resistance if the correct code is not entered. This model also features a free passage mode that, when enabled, bypasses the coding chamber to allow access without the need of entering the code all of the time until it is disabled once more. This mode is optional and can be fully disabled should it never be needed. The BL6100 is supplied with no device and is for use with either an existing set up or a third party latch. Due to the handle rotation, this is ideal for use with multi-point latches. This lock is suitable for internal and sheltered external narrow stile UPVC, aluminium, composite and wooden doors and is grade