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Traka Locks Up Keys at HMP Berwyn

The NHS run health department inside ‘superjail’ HMP Berwyn, is using a bespoke intelligent key management system, designed by Traka, to ensure only authorized personnel can access keys to medicines and sensitive medical equipment.

Recently opened £212m HMP Berwyn in Wrexham is the largest new- build prison in England and Wales and the second largest in Europe, acting as a smoke-free closed rehabilitation establishment, which holds up to 2,106 adult men.

With Traka already operating the main key management system for the prison rooms, the NHS-run pharmacy department took the decision to install a key cabinet, initially to manage 90 keys, with room for medical and sharp ‘restricted tools,’ that must be carefully managed within the prison environment.

The NHS key cabinet operates biometrically, with only a small team authorized with administrator permissions, operating for the benefit of a large department with access rights. Alongside key management, the system offers direct and full audit control capability and instant reports, including notifications when keys or tools are not returned.

Says Thomas Cox, Lead Prison Pharmacist HMPBerwyn: “The focus of HMP Berwyn is on rehabilitation. Within this, the health and wellbeing center, together with the dedicated pharmacy department, plays a key role to help men realize their potential and benefit society in a ‘crime-free future’ on their release.”


“Use of latest biometric intelligent technology is paramount to ensuring these facilities can be managed to the best of their ability within their sensitive surroundings. The decision to use Traka was its ability to automate the complete process of key and equipment allocation and traceability at all times, operating right from the system itself, reducing the margin for human error or tamper.”


Traka’s key management cabinets in custodial services are designed to offer the greatest operational efficiency for staff, to ensure keys and

equipment is not only secure and accessible by authorized personnel but also reduce administration by automating processes so that staff can focus on their daily responsibilities to those serving a

prison sentence.


Says Tom Smith, Market Development Manager at Traka UK: “HMP Berwyn stands as the first publicly-run super-prison, where every aspect of its design and function, and the values it upholds, centers around the principles of rehabilitation. Key to its success are processes being easy to operate by authorized personnel, without compromising on security.”


“This is especially true of the key and equipment management system, which Traka facilitates using the latest technology. When the NHS team on site contacted us for a similar system, to house sensitive medicines

and equipment, including ‘restricted, often sharp tools,’ it was installed quickly with a bespoke design to accommodate the requirements and aid the efficient running of the department.”