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MARECHAL: There she blows!

Fire service and rescue vehicles have to be ready for action 24/7. That goes without saying. And that is why they are always hooked up to the mains to charge their batteries and radio equipment while waiting on stand-by in garages. Similarly, vehicles with pneumatic brakes are hooked up to a permanent compressed air supply. Of course, when it’s time to respond to an incident, every minute counts, and yet till now these power and/or compressed air supply lines have always had to be detached from the vehicle by hand before setting off. Forgetting to “pull the plugs” in the rush to get going can cause serious damage to the vehicle or garage equipment. At INTERSCHUTZ 2015, MARECHAL is exhibiting a better solution in the form of its Rettbox and Rettbox-air self-ejecting connectors that ensure the plugs automatically detach from their sockets as soon as the vehicle’s engine is started.  This innovative new system works by immediately transmitting an electrical impulse from the ignition that prompts a solenoid plunger to lift the socket release latch. Compression springs disconnect the coupling, and the stainless steel sliding cover closes automatically. The Rettbox-air features an additional compressed air supply connector. [http://marechal.com]