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SIUS Consulting- Sound safety training

At INTERSCHUTZ 2015, SIUS Consulting is de-monstrating how to conduct staff training and make employees properly aware of safety hazards and risks – anytime, anywhere – with its innovative e-learning package at “Sicher-Gebildet.de”. What prompted this initiative? Companies face a myriad of threats these days – ranging from hackers, cyber attacks and industrial espionage to corporate crime and willful disregard for safety measures. Humans are by far the greatest risk factor, as SIUS Consulting knows only too well after years of consulting experience. Now the security and safety consultancy is investing its specialist expertise in providing an e-learning training program that anyone can use. Besides topics such as corporate security and health & safety, a whole series of e-learning training sessions cover national and international legislation, such as aviation security training in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 185/2010 and port security training on issues such as the SOLAS XI-2 instruction contained in the ISPS Code. [www.sius-consulting.com]