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State of play on Fire safety training and qualifications in UK

The European standard EN 16763 points a spotlight on the requirement for staff to be suitably skilled, trained and knowledgeable. With this now a requirement in the services standard, our Industry can look forward to a more formal education and training being offered to people wishing to join it.

One of the main issues for our industry however remains: the recognition of education and qualification of the personnel of the service providers in the industry. Many of Euralarm’s members have intensified their training programs but the recognition by the national authorities is still not at the level expected.

But the fire service sector in the United Kingdom provides a good example of how to make things work.

Thanks to the FIA, a Euralarm Member, and the FPA, nearly 700 companies have qualified their personel in fire detection and alarm design, fire alarm installation, commissioning and maintenance. There is even a formal qualification available: recognised as EQF level 4 and a 3rd party check of competence is organised by BAFE . The LPC and FPA also have introduced a widely popular qualification on sprinkler system design. LPS acts here as a 3rd party certifier.

Training also exists on fire engineering design and risk assessment but only a low percentage of the market is compliant.