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Trans-Textil: The stuff heroes are made of

Around a century ago, the protective clothing worn by firefighters was still made from thick leather, wool or cotton – the latter usually treated to make it flame resistant. This protective clothing was not particularly effective and, due to its weight, was also quite cumbersome. What’s more, the chemicals used to treat the clothing were a health hazard in their own right. Thanks to state-of-the-art fibers and multi-functional laminates, the clothing worn by today’s firefighters offers protection against numerous external hazards while simultaneously allowing condensation and body heat to escape. All the same, even contemporary protective clothing can still be improved on, as Trans-Textil is demonstrating at INTERSCHUTZ 2015. Trans-Textil has developed an innovative 3D spacer system for producing extremely lightweight work clothes. To be more precise, these temperature-resistant spacer nodules form an insulating layer of air inside the clothing and help reduce weight by up to 20 percent compared to conventional designs. This new technology gives the wearer greater freedom of movement and, what’s more, every gram of weight that can be saved can gain extra live-saving seconds when it comes to the crunch. [www.trans-textil.de]