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Wietmarscher Ambulanz+ Sonderfahrzeug: Why scrape and scrub when you can spray dirt away?

Cleaning every nook and cranny of the treatment area in an emergency vehicle can seem like a never-ending task – particularly if a contagious disease has been involved. Of course, highly qualified emergency personnel have far better things to do with their time. And that is precisely why Wietmarscher Ambulanz und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH set out to develop the SanSafe system it is showcasing at INTERSCHUTZ 2015, which can complete the task in just a few minutes.  The system solution is integrated into the treatment area for patients and reliably removes pathogens and germs, even in places that are hard or impossible to reach using scrubbing and wipe-down disinfectants. Two nozzles installed in the center of the ceiling spray a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide that reaches right into even the tiniest cracks and fissures. The console containing the chemicals, pump system and control unit is hidden away in a storage compartment and is topped up via an external flap.  [www.was-vehicles.com]