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Xtralis VESDA-E Addressable Aspirating Smoke Detectors to Protect IMG Worlds of Adventure Indoor Theme Park

VESDA-E VEA is the only addressable detector in the market that delivers "assured detection" through active sampling, proactive self-supervision, auto-cleaning and the highest longevity with sustained sensitivity. The centralized detection architecture with up to 120 sampling points per detector, coupled with auto supervision and cleaning, lowers servicing time by up to 90 percent and decreases total cost of ownership. VEA will protect the entire facility with over 50 detectors and over 2,000 sampling points. VESDA-E VEA detectors will provide constant early and reliable smoke detection to ensure absolute fire prevention.
Lennard Otto, CEO of IMG Worlds of Adventure commented, "When we open, IMG Worlds of Adventure will be an industry leader, not only in the provision of entertainment, but in all areas of operation, including guest security and protection. Ultimately, the safety of our guests is of upmost priority to IMG Worlds of Adventure, and we are proud to partner with industry titan Xtralis to offer unprecedented, state-of-the art protection to ensure our guests are offered the best theme park experience possible."
"IMG Worlds of Adventure is an architectural marvel and its certain success means fire detectors must assure the best protection to the many lives and valuable assets with no operational disturbance," commented Samir Samhouri - chairman, CEO and president of Xtralis Group. "VESDA-E VEA, Xtralis' latest innovation, is transforming the industry of traditional smoke detection delivering pinpoint addressability and unique assured detection with centralized test and maintenance. VESDA-E VEA can now address all market segments and applications that traditional ASD detectors could not address before," Samhouri added.
IMG Worlds of Adventure will consist of four zones, including global brands Cartoon Network and MARVEL, and original concepts IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure. Additionally, 28 themed F&B concepts and 25 retail outlets will be available. The theme park will feature an array of adrenaline pumping rollercoasters, thrill rides and spine tingling attractions, and a 12-screen Novo theatre. Set to become a must-visit international destination, IMG Worlds of Adventure will bring the best of family entertainment to Dubai's growing leisure industry.
To offer this unprecedented entertainment experience IMG Worlds of Adventure has partnered with over 20 blue chip companies including Bose, Avaya, Pelco, Cisco, Microsoft and Xtralis, which have provided both the internal and external framework. VESDA-E VEA is proud to join this team of market leaders.
VESDA-E VEA detectors combine VESDA reliability and early warning smoke detection with pinpoint addressability and a variety of annunciation options that surpass traditional spot detectors and are more flexible than aspirating smoke detectors with rigid pipe networks. They use patented air sampling points and multi-channel micro bore air-sampling tubes with three alarm sensitivity settings for the sampling points.
As a multi-channel addressable system, the VEA detector is able to divide a protected space into sampling locations, enabling the localization of potential sources of fire for faster incident response. The detectors are ideal for protection of areas facing challenges and where pinpoint location of fire events is essential like that required by IMG Worlds of Adventure. Detector testing and maintenance with VESDA-E VEA is far simpler and totally unobtrusive, allowing service technicians to maintain the detectors without scaffolding or lift equipment. A wide range of other features provide unsurpassed flexibility, field programmability, enhanced connectivity and reduced total cost of ownership.