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New Magicard 300: advanced electronics and pioneering security features

Magicard announces state-of-the-art replacement to the best-selling Enduro3E ID card printer. Hot on the heels of the breakthrough Magicard 600 launched earlier this year, the Magicard 300 has been engineered to take advantage of pioneering security features and advanced electronics to take the place of the existing Enduro3E in Europe and Australia as part of ongoing product development. Apart from the sleek styling, the Magicard 300 is the second printer in the portfolio to take advantage of Digital shredding™ which means that once information has been used for a print job, it is fragmented and dispersed, rendering it irrecoverable, a feature developed in response to increasing worldwide demand for regulation of personal information including initiatives such as the European Union’s GDPR requirement.

This is in addition to existing anti-fraud technology available to all Magicard printers, including the pioneering HoloKote® feature, originally developed by Magicard, which allows for the application of a secure watermark to every ID card. Apart from standard designs included, users can load up to 3 anti-fraud Custom HoloKotes® direct onto the Magicard 300 giving them the ability to tailor their cards to reflect an organisation’s logo, or another unique security design.

Built with high performance purpose-built materials and advanced components, the Magicard 300 boasts improved functionality delivered by advanced electronics:

  • Efficiency: Printer firmware analyses the colours sent by the driver and the film type fitted and print the panels in sequence so the film panels are not wasted.
  • Faster speeds: The Magicard 300 prints at a rate of up to 160 full colour single-sided cards per hour, in comparison to the Enduro’s 100.
  • Improved connectivity: USB2.0 High Speed & Ethernet as standard and can integrate most third-party applications held locally or in the cloud
  • Improved print quality: The Magicard 300 is capable of printing at 300 x 300 dpi. It takes advantage of a wide colour spectrum delivering more vibrant and colour-rich output, allowing for a truer representation of the subject -essential for photographs on ID cards and accurate depiction of corporate logos and other images.
  • Smoother integration: integrate with existing network infrastructure ‘out of the box’, minimising set-up time and requiring limited technical knowledge making it quick and easy to get the printer up and running

The Magicard 300 is backed by a 3-year limited warranty which includes printhead cover and direct access to the global Magicard technical support team. A further one-year warranty is available at time of purchase.