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Qognify introduces ACI, a smart pattern recognition solution for access control analytics

Qognify has announced the release of ACI (or Access Control Insights), which uses smart pattern recognition algorithms to better interpret data captured by access control systems.

Refined through machine learning, ACI helps busy control room operators more quickly and effectively understand certain anomalous situations.

Qognify posits that organisations could benefit from a reduction in fines (where access breaches are regulated and penalised), improved safety and security through an insightful sensor inspection plan and easier compliance with security plans. The financial benefits could be particularly enormous for airports, as the case study below details.

Hypothetical scenarios

·        ACI could help distinguish between whether an unauthorised access is a genuine mistake or an attempted fraud

·        Whether a door left open for too long is an oversight or a threat from internal/external sources

·        Whether a card holder’s late-night entry is part of the normal course of business or a suspicious action

·        Where someone is gaining access more frequently than would be expected given their role and access rights


·        Card holders’ activity information is monitored and analysed continuously, generating individual behaviour patterns

·        Therefore out-of-the-ordinary behaviours are reported via alerts

·        Business logic rules improve responses to critical alarms