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TelGuard: Programming & Tech Support

Here at TelGuard, the first name in telephone based door entry systems, we created the Telguard Display Tag range. These were designed as an electronic alternative to the old paper tag intercom units which were previously popular. The old-fashioned paper tag intercom units required you to attend the site and remove the old label, replacing it with a new one, each and every time a new owner or tenant took possession of a property. This is a long-winded process and can not only be incredibly time consuming, but expensive if you’ve to make a long journey each time.

The old-fashioned paper labels also appear quite tatty and unprofessional. It’s very common that you’ll see them with a variety of printed, typed and handwritten tags placed together on the same unit. Fonts and handwriting are mismatched and so are the colours on them, on a regular basis. This is not the clean, professional, appearance you’d be hoping for your visitors to see when visiting your premises and it gives off a rather untidy look.

Many people with these systems also found that removing and replacing these paper labels could cause unnecessary damage to the product and make it look even less appealing, with a worn out looking fascia. Damage can be created in a very short period of time.

The costs of paying somebody to drive to the site to change the labels and risking damaging the unit further each time a name needs to be changed seems silly. This is why, here at TelGuard, we have been searching for more sustainable, reliable and high quality options.

This brings us onto the creation of the TelGuard Display Tag. With this innovative product, you’ll never need to pay for a site visit again just to change a paper tag. In fact, these aren’t even paper tags. There’ll be no wear and tear from removing them and this will be not only be much longer lasting, but they will also be more efficient and professional looking. The TelGuard Display Tag unit uses remote programming which allows you, or us, to customise and update not just the call point phone numbers and access codes, but also to alter each display uniquely to suit each occupant’s individual requirements.

TelGuard Display Tags can be produced in any number of call buttons, from just one to twenty-four. In fact, even greater numbers could be catered for you. We’ve the ability to create a product unique to your own individual needs.