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Bosch expands the Modular Alarm Platform 5000 to small and medium-sized applications

Intrusion alarm systems are playing a large role in modern security concepts. As soon as they register that unauthorized persons try to get into a supervised area, they trigger an alarm, thus protecting important assets. That is why Bosch has expanded its range of intrusion alarm systems with two new solutions made for small to medium-sized applications such as schools, small offices, smaller retail stores, or art galleries: the Modular Alarm Platform (MAP) 5000 S and 5000 SC.  These two new additions complement the already available two MAP 5000 systems for larger applications such as airports or shopping malls. The difference between the two new versions: the MAP 5000 SC version facilitates communication with the monitoring stations via a transmission device, whereas MAP 5000 S does not feature such an integrated IP alarm communicator. The latter system is meant for applications in which the system is connected to a building management system in a local control room. The two new systems are compatible with the full range of peripherals for the Modular Alarm Platform such as keypads, modules and sensors and are scalable up to 600 addresses and 127 addressable Local Security Network (LSN) devices. Thanks to their modularity, they can grow to cover as many as 500 areas and 1,000 users. The MAP 5000 S and the MAP SC are controlled via maximum two touch screen keypads. Both new intrusion alarm systems are designed to be easy to install and integrate into the building’s management systems while providing the most robust and reliable security. Thanks to the self-learning mode of the Local Security Network (LSN) bus the system can be put into operation quickly – a short circuit or interruption on the LSN loop does not lead to system failures. Using the Open Intrusion Interface (OII), the new systems can be integrated into the Building Integration System (BIS) from Bosch, or any other building management solution. MAP 5000 S and MAP 5000 SC comply with international security standards and are certified in accordance with EN 50131 Grade 3, VdS class C and SES. AFNOR 3 shields are in preparation. “With the addition of these two new systems to our Modular Alarm Platform 5000, we are responding to the growing need for intrusion protection in smaller applications”, said Thorsten Weissert, Senior Product Manager for MAP. “Customers who want to get to know the two new systems better, are invited to join our MAP Partner Program trainings. We offer two-day courses, covering planning, installation, programming and maintenance of the Modular Alarm Platform.”    Both the MAP 5000 S and MAP 5000 SC come as competitively priced kits complete with control panel, touchscreen keypad, LSN gateway, power supply and panel enclosure.