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Easy Series from Bosch now available with family of RADION wireless peripherals

Easy Series from Bosch, a voice and radio frequency-token operated alarm system, is now available with a wide range of RADION wireless peripherals offering protection for small commercial and residential applications. With RADION wireless, installation and configuration of Easy Series systems are significantly simplified while application range and flexibility are increased. Both Easy Series and RADION wireless are EN 50131 Grade 2 certified.
RADION wireless is comprised of 15 different products operating at 433 MHz, including motion detectors, door/window contacts, key fobs, and a smoke detector. By using up to eight repeaters, even remotely located devices can be integrated in an Easy Series alarm system, extending the system range up to 1,350 meters. In addition, a battery life of up to five years improves operational efficiency and robustness. Easy Series is controlled by an icon-based and text-free control center supporting a variety of languages including English, German, French, Flemish, Spanish, and Portuguese. A talk-back function guides users and installers. Furthermore, it offers a two-way audio verification mode with different alarm methods, such as a digital and voice dialer as well as sound. The built-in microphone and loudspeaker allow monitoring center staff to verify alarms, while owners can listen-in on their own facilities through the telephone. Last but not least, radio-frequency proximity tokens lock and unlock the system with the swipe of a hand.
“The ability of RADION wireless to easily include even remotely placed peripherals without cabling opens up new possibilities for Easy Series”, says Sandra Gueche, Easy Series product manager. “The wide range of RADION peripherals support many applications in residential and small business facilities.”
RADION replaces wLSN wireless technology. Easy Series systems already in use with wLSN peripherals can be updated with the new firmware version 4.2 to support RADION.
Easy Series with RADION wireless peripherals is available in EMEA in the following countries: Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.