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ECB•S: Better Prevention of Gas Attacks at the ATMs

ATMs increasingly become targets of gas attacks. The security technology is frequently not up to date. ECB•S-certified safes with a GAS add-on provide protection.
Again and again ATMs are blown up. In ever more cases, gas is used for as the means of burglary. According to the Federal Crime Police Office (BKA) there were in total 132 cases of ATM detonations in 2015. Out of those, in 44 cases no money could be stolen.
In some cases the damage through theft as well as the damage to the buildings and facilities can by far exceed 100,000 Euro, whereas the value of damage to the building caused by the blast, usually exceeds the value of the stolen cash, according to the BKA.
The basic procedure during the explosion has been the same for years: Gas is filled into the ATM and is subsequently ignited. Hoever, in some cases there are subsential differences regarding the methods, respectively the devices, being used. As far as concerns the regional focus, detonations of ATMs happen more often in rural areas.
ECB, a worldwide recognized certification body, points out the possibility of a special protection against ATM gas attacks. Safe doors can be fortified or predetermined breaking points for pressure balance can be built in. After a successful burglary test with an additional “gas part” these safes can be certified according to the EN 1143-1 standard.
„It happens too often that further developed burglary methods, such as gas attacks, are neglected due to the costs”, says Dr. Markus Heering, managing director at ECB. However, effective protection is possible.