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Groundbreaking hardware upgrade for the SoftAngel app

The world’s only emergency alarm assistance app by Techno Et Control will keep users safe in all situations, long before an emergency occurs. The Karlsruhe-based IT company has now given its free application a fundamental hardware upgrade: The alarm button has recently been made physically available for trouser pockets – in the form of a compact transmitter that can be connected to one or more iOS or Android mobile phones via Bluetooth.

Although the app, on the market for just under one year, has a considerable number of downloads and a constantly growing community to show for itself, Techno Et Control CEO Ulrich Hohendorn is astonished that official security authorities clearly have no interest in the revolutionary development – so far none of the security specialists and police chiefs contacted, from Karlsruhe to Berlin, have responded to his presentation letters. The app’s potential is obvious! With the new alarm button, the application scenarios of SoftAngel extend far beyond the private sphere (e.g. as an ideal distress button at home for sick children or frail grandparents). It could potentially be used for aggressive people in authority buildings, offices, hospitals, nightclubs, and at festivals; it could also be used by managers of houses of pleasure. In all these places, SoftAngel gives people a reassuring feeling of safety, knowing that they are supported by this invisible guardian.

Those who order the button – available in white, black, pink, and blue – by 30 September at softangel.shop will get it delivered free of charge. Of the introductory price of six euros, one euro will be donated to a non-profit organisation working towards the prevention of violence. Story blogs are also planned for September and October, in which users can post their experiences with the app. As a reward, the latest iPhone and Samsung mobile phone models are up for grabs – including the SoftAngel button, of course!