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Market leader Doro enables seniors to live more independently

Doro, the global supplier for mobile technology, is revealing plans to develop its Care portfolio within the UK and Ireland, enabling over-65s to feel more secure and stay connected in and out of the home. The Doro Care portfolio provides solutions for elderly and disabled people, allowing users to live at home for more independence, mobility, improved health and an overall better quality of life.

Europe’s average population age is advancing at roughly two days a week, whilst almost a quarter (24.3 per cent) of the UK’s population is expected to be aged 65 or older by 2039. Paired with the fact it is also very common now for retirees to continue to work and travel during this stage in their lives, it is important to provide seniors with technology that is accessible. Doro is meeting demand amongst this age bracket for technology solutions by offering a range of products and services that suit this audience’s lifestyle. With a Doro mobile device, seniors know that should something unforeseen happen, they can still receive the help and support they need. Doro Care achieves this with the following handsets and features, which are designed to work with Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs).

–  The Doro Secure® 628: an easy-to-use flip-phone with large text, separated keys and sound that reaches a higher-than-average volume. The handset offers SMS, 2 MP camera and direct memory keys

–  The Doro Secure® 580IP: a simplified, durable and splash-proof handset. The keypad has four direct contact buttons, offers SMS, extra loud sound and is Hearing Aid Compatible

–  The Doro Alarm Application (DAA): this makes some Doro handsets, including the Doro Liberto® 825 and the Doro 8030, compatible with Alarm Receiving Centre

–  The Doro Secure® 480: a personal safety wristwatch featuring sophisticated tracking and communication capabilities to enhance the user’s safety. If distressed or in need of help, the user can contact the alarm receiving centre

–  The Doro 3500: is a Bluetooth alarm trigger compatible with new Doro products

Functions in Doro Care include safety timers for activities involving risk and an “Are you okay?” function, a question request which is sent to Doro users through an application. It sends an alarm should no response be received from the message recipient. Through use of the Doro IP protocol and GPS, Alarm Receiving Centres are able to request the Doro users location, create safe zones through geo-fencing and have automatic alarms sent should someone travel outside of set parameters. These features are all designed to automate the process of checking in with family members, whilst helping seniors feel confident using the technology. Doro wants all its customers to benefit from the extensive Care portfolio, and help them to lead an active and mobile life, whatever their age.

Robert Puskaric, CEO of Doro Group, comments: “The population demographic change requires new ways of delivering social care. Doro’s smart technology for seniors that wish to live at home has led to more mobililty thanks to the know-how from our consumer portfolio, and when coupling these two, we find a perfect match.”

Peter Shirley, Export Director Doro Care, adds: “It is our vision to support users and their family through our devices and services. Every Doro Care product leverages Doro’s extensive knowledge and experience of ease of use, ensuring that those who are more vunerable can confidently use their device, removing any barrier to a mobile solution. In addition Hearing Aid Compatibility, adjustable tone controls, direct dials, improved UI and ergonomic design all add to the users confidence.”

About Doro

Doro develops telecom products and services for Seniors to lead full and rich lives: to do things they want to do more easily as well as the things they thought they might never do. The global market-leader in senior mobile phone, Doro offers easy-to-use mobile phones and smartphones, mobile applications, fixed line telephony with loud and clear sound. Within Doro Group, Doro Care offers social care and telecare solutions for elder and disabled persons for independent and safe living in their own homes. Doro AB is a Swedish public company and its shares are quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange, Nordic List, Small Companies. Total revenue of SEK 1,959 million (EUR 205 million) was reported for 2016.