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Maxxess to showcase eFusion-Ambit integration, which creates dual security and safety platform

The Maxxess eFusion security management platform with Ambit enables security controllers to provide life-saving safety monitoring and communications on their sites due to the integration of the company’s cloud-based safety and security offering, which includes a smartphone app. 

The first-of-a-kind and off-the-shelf integration gives a practical route to adding personalised safety capability to security control rooms – giving significantly enhanced operational value – without the expense and complexity of a PSIM solution or custom integration.

Ambit allows security controllers to communicate directly with both individuals and groups and to monitor the safety of everyone on site (or on multiple sites), for example employees, residents, visitors, or contractors.

The life-saving technology comes with a choice of applications tailored to the user’s needs. For example, it can allow lone-worker monitoring; courtesy communications and remote escorting after-hours; panic alarm features; user-activated IPS location tracking right down to floor and room level; and individualised messaging during incidents. It can help security teams to co-ordinate and work more effectively with emergency responders too.

Now that Ambit is integrated into the eFusion platform, operators can see exactly where individuals are during any emergency situation and as a result provide a more rapid, controlled response.

In other applications, the ability to monitor contractors on multiple sites – for example, to verify that teams of workers being paid for are all present when they are supposed to be – is a valuable new capability that will help to control costs.

“This type of safety monitoring and individualised communications capability has not been easily available to security teams until now.” Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess EMEA

“This type of safety monitoring and individualised communications capability has not been easily available to security teams until now,” says Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess EMEA.  “It was either too expensive, too complex or too burdensome too maintain. By contrast eFusion, now with Ambit, gives an affordable, simple and future-flexible upgrade path.”

The integration with Ambit is just the latest example of how the eFusion platform gives users the freedom to integrate, customise and adapt their security systems to meet both current needs and emerging risks.  Open technology software supports more than 50 off-the-shelf integrations from leading vendors, providing complete freedom to customise solutions combining surveillance, access control, fire and intruder systems with back-office processes.

Crucially, integration with Maxxess eFusion also reduces complexity for installers and their customers and offers unlimited future scalability at affordable price points.

Visitor Point – management and access solution

Meanwhile, harnessing advances in cloud computing and mobile communications, MAXXESS’s Visitor Point management and access solution will also be on show at IFSEC. Visitor Point, which is being used at premises from hotels and campuses to corporate HQs, allows the whole process of visitor management to be streamlined in a way that was not possible previously.

It lets phones be used as an access credential, making it a perfect alternative to guest keys in the hospitality sector. Compatibility of the Visitor Point system with ASSA Abloy Hospitality products, has proved to be particularly popular with hotels.

Visitor Point is available as a stand-alone solution or it can be integrated with the MAXXESS software family, making it easy for reception teams to keep across who is visiting their premises. Delivering efficiency savings, it also allows unmanned reception areas to be introduced without compromising security. Users can easily view pre-registered visitors in advance; manage and sign-in large groups in seconds; manage visitor car parking; and automate notifications and messaging.