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Risco iWAVE: Two-way dual technology detector

The RISCO Group has introduced a two-way dual technology detector to their iWAVE range, pictured. Also available with PET immunity, the range is for use in homes, offices and small commercial installations, the makers say. The RWX95DT/DTPET uses both microwave and passive infra-red (PIR) channels for the company says higher catch performance and false alarm immunity in harsh places. False alarms are further reduced by the use of K-Band rather than the traditional X-Band microwave due to the resulting reduction in wall penetration, which prevents unwanted detection outside the area in which the detector is placed. The two-way wireless communication enables the panel to communicate directly with the detector – ensuring it’s claimed a higher level of security by reducing radio frequency communication and wireless congestion, while enabling remote control and diagnostics. RISCO’s patented Green Line Technology also uses iWAVE’s two-way communication feature. The microwave channel is disabled when the alarm system is unset and only enabled once the system has been set again, thus avoiding surplus radiation whilst the premises is occupied. Compatible with RISCO Group’s LightSYS2 and Agility3 systems; iWAVE is installed using a bracket-to-wall fitting and adds to the firm’s series of uniform-look wireless detectors, providing a constant look across installations. It also has a dedicated battery compartment for battery replacement which can be performed independently by the user.