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The new ID5

Our customers demand long-lasting, visually appealing products. Our Indoor Series has a lot to offer in the style department: the high-end Intercom stations are dressed in glass, high-grade steel and aluminium, which lend it a quality of timeless elegance. Still, visual impressions are not ID5’s signature tune – it’s the high-performance processors that set the tone. They turn the high-end Intercom stations, which can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk, into high-powered communication tools.

Our customers won’t miss out on sight or sound either: The loudspeakers deliver crystal clear sound, while the generously dimensioned touch screen provides a razor-sharp high-definition image. What is more, the units, which come in versions with and without built-in camera, are extremely easy to configure. The integrated cameras provide a high dynamic range colour space and optimised viewing angle. So, what does that mean? It means brilliant colour rendering and an extra high contrast level that provide a perfect view of the caller at the other end of the line.

And there’s another thing you can rely on: each of our communication solutions is in tune with our entire range of products, which means full compatibility is guaranteed throughout.


Powerful performance, timeless design:

The high-end Intercom stations make use of high-quality materials and look smashing. They are equally suited for mounting on a wall or placing on a desktop.


Crystal clear sound:

Two loudspeakers and high-quality audio technology ensure a perfect listening and speaking experience


ID5 always strikes the right note:

With two MEMS microphone making sure that no interfering background noise gets through. The software and special audio algorithms provide an exceptionally high level of speech intelligibility.

Enhanced overview:

The optional built-in high-resolution video camera has a picture-perfect viewing angle that allows it to capture persons who are not at eye-level with it, such as wheelchair users or children.


Simply brilliant:

The 5-inch colour touch display is custom configurable and shows the live image from the other station during video calls.

A question of attitude:

The stations are quick and easy to configure individually over the Commend Web Interface.