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Tyco Security Products Introduces Ultra-Smart Glass Break Detector

Using advanced algorithms, the glass break detector better captures real events while eliminating nearly all false alarms: Tyco Security Products introduces the Visonic GB-502 PG2 Glass Break Detector with proprietary microphone technology that provides exceptional reliability when identifying broken windows or glass doors. 

Ideal for the home or business, the ultra-smart glass break detector is designed to identify only true breaking glass by analyzing patterns of sounds using a three-stage, multi-level classification process, essentially eliminating the issue of false alarms. Early and accurate detection ensures users that their property is not only more secure, but also gives them notice to act quickly so they can protect against damage, added costs and potential insurance liabilities from temperature extremes, water infiltration or other harmful environmental factors.

The Visonic Glass Break Detector can also help to reduce costly energy consumption with its ability to monitor environmental conditions. A single detector, which can be wall or ceiling mounted, is able to protect rooms up to 120 square meters, eliminating the need for individual glass break detectors on each door or window. And its low-power operation extends the battery life for up to five years, reducing maintenance costs.

“The accuracy of this new glass break detector gives home and business owners a new level of confidence that problems will be detected quickly and accurately,” said Tim Myers, Product Line Director, Intrusion, Tyco Security Products. “This enables them to take the necessary steps to safeguard their office or residence when there is an issue with a broken window or door, but they won’t have to deal with the hassle of false alarms.”

The Visonic Glass Break Detector is part of Tyco Security Products’ PowerMaster family and connects to the PowerMaster intrusion alarm system panels and management system, all driven by the award-winning PowerG technology.

For more information about the Visonic GB-502 PG2 Glass Break Detector, please visit www.visonic.com