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With the alarm system, 9000 INDEXA brings a modern and flexible hybrid wireless alarm system onto the market.

The main benefits of the modular system are its flexibility, high safety level and ease of use thanks to the app control.

The system 9000 can not only signal intrusion, but also other hazards such as fire, gas and water leakage at an early stage and users can call for help in threatening situations. In case of an alarm, users are alerted via app and the system, including smart home control for lights or heating, can be controlled from anywhere.

On site, it can be controlled via the keypad with integrated RFID reader. The buttons lighting up in traffic light colors indicate the current status of every area: green represents disarmed, red armed, yellow partial arming. In addition, any danger or further information is displayed such as open windows. Arming and partial arming is possible for four individually controllable areas. This is especially beneficial for larger installations. The wireless technology permits a clean installation because no cables are needed. Thus, the alarm system can be adapted flexibly to the local surroundings – in private as well as commercial projects.
50 addresses are available for wireless and /or bus components and up to five contacts can be connected to one address. Overall, up to 200 contacts can be integrated. The system can be individually configured from a wide variety of wired and wireless components – such as motion detectors with an integrated camera.

The system 9000 meets the EN50131 class 2 standard and uses an 868 MHz high quality radio transmission with rolling code. Users can apply for a public subsidy for the system.