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E-Worldwide, physical crimes against ATMs

E-worldwide  similar cash machines are increasing at an astonishing rate. Methods of attack include use of drilling machines, power tools, solid and gas explosives, fork lifts and more. With the promise of a huge payoff and low risk, cash machines offer a very tempting target. To protect these machines against all these types of physical attacks, 3SI Security Systems developed SecuriDab¨ LT, an economical, flexible and low-maintenance system for non-homologated and non-regulated markets.

SecuriDab LT comprises a General Control Unit (GCU) and up to 4 ink-staining devices. The GCU acts as the "brain" for the system and, when an attack is detected, communicates with the staining devices. The system uses a multi-phased activation method to (a) indelibly stain the notes in the cassette during a real attack, and (b) to protect against accidental activation.

The system is flexible in what it can sense, including: tilt from a pull out attempt, high impact blast from a solid explosive or gas attack, temperature increase from a blow torch attack, light from a breach, as well as inputs received from external systems such as alarms, locks, tracking units, and more. Further, the unit can be optionally equipped with explosive gas neutralization technology to eliminate potential damage to an ATM from a gas attack.

The disruptive technology used in this innovative system offers many valuable benefits to customers, including:
-Compatibility with many existing systems for great flexibility;
- Easy operation for staff during normal daily use thanks to clear visual and audio signals;
- Simple integration into ATM cassettes using preassembled kit configuration;
- Economical pricing due to simple yet innovative design;
- Flexible architecture to future proof machine for emerging technology add-ons.
Steven De Weirdt, 3SI Product Manager EMEA, said, "With so many customers asking for help to protect cash machines against physical attacks, 3SI prioritized the development of a cost-effective and flexible solution that customers can install and maintain on their own. With SecuriDab LT, we've developed a product based on our proven SecuriDab system, but tailored its features to meet the needs of nonhomologated markets. SecuriDab LT's scalability ensures its compatibility with developing technologies, so customers won't be faced with replacing our system when they upgrade their ATMs."