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Enhanced GPS Tracking Solution tracks and protects cash in transit with security services, armored cars, and more

With the possibility of a large payoff in one location, it is understandable that criminals frequently target armored vehicles. Even the best security professionals are sometimes victims of a robbery and need a way to track and recover the stolen cash. Thanks to 3SI Security System's new CIT (Cash-In-Transit) Tracker™, criminals will face greater obstacles in trying to evade capture.
Based on the highly successful NextGen3 tracking platform, CIT Tracker leverages multiple security and tracking technologies (GPS, Cellular and RF) and offers key benefits including:
  • Many configurable options: motion sensitivity, update rates, interval reporting;
  • Motion or Real Time Ping trigger;
  • Geo-fences can be customized and multiple devices can be linked to specific locations;
  • Location data is stored if cellular signal is lost during tracking;
  • Reliable performance even in Urban Canyon areas;
  • Hibernation and wake up can be scheduled to save battery power;
  • Device is concealed to make it harder for criminals to detect.
Mary Pifer, 3SI's VP of International Marketing and Management, said, "We are pleased to introduce the CIT Tracker to our partners in the armored car and cash-in-transit industries. The level of customization this product is capable of will allow customers to configure the units to meet their specific needs. And the units can be reconfigured if and when those needs change.
"Our 40+ years' experience working in the financial industry gave us a unique perspective into the needs of the cash transport market...the CIT Tracker is the result of harnessing all of this knowledge and pairing it with the latest technology in tracking and communication."