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Tavcom launches ‘managing CCTV investigations’ course

Tavcom Training has launched a course aimed at personnel with a senior role in handling CCTV investigations.

More specifically, the course is pitched at anyone responsible for managing and setting policy for the investigation of crimes and incidents captured on CCTV and other media.

The three-day classroom-based training, which starts in April, takes place at Tavcom in Hampshire. Participants will receive a Tavcom level three certificate.

“This is an essential new course that provides the skills and confidence needed to efficiently and effectively handle CCTV investigations,” said Tavcom Training executive director Paul Tennent.

“The comprehensive programme shines a light on the roles and responsibilities of personnel when investigating incidents, how to assist the police, as well as highlighting codes of practice and operational guidelines.”


Course agenda for ‘Managing CCTV investigations’

  • Investigating crimes caught on CCTV and other media
  • Managing enquiries where images provide key evidence
  • The CCTV Code of Practice and how it relates to investigations
  • Using CCTV in an ethical manner: privacy, human rights and cultural
  • Obtaining the best evidential footage and images
  • Investigative strategy for using images during a major enquiry
  • CCTV trawling and obtaining images from social media
  • Using images held by TV broadcasts and newspapers
  • Linking suspects in several pieces of footage
  • Producing evidential statements and decision logs
  • Identification of offenders’ capture on CCTV
  • Understanding ‘super recognisers‘ and their effective use
  • Technology and its use in identification
  • Using CCTV in investigations and briefing prosecutors

 Security management training in Dubai

Tavcom’s parent group, Linx International Group, is launching its security management programmes inDubai.

The announcement follows the recent news that Linx International Group has agreed a deal with SIRA, the Dubai government department responsible for regulating the security industry, to strengthen its presence in the region.

The training will take place in SIRA’s new training centre, whose technical workshops were designed in consultation with Tavcom. Security professionals will study and complete internationally recognised and fully-accredited (BTEC and City & Guilds) security management courses including:

  • Security Management
  • Risk Crisis & Disaster Management
  • Managing Security Surveys
  • Managing Security Risks in the Oil & Gas Sector
  • Kidnap and Ransom Management
  • Sea Port Security Management

“Through partnership with the Linx International Group we are providing the very best-in-class training at SIRA’s state-of-the art training centre,” said SIRA training centre director Ahmed Albalooshy. “Together, we are delivering an exceptionally high-calibre of training, to create experts whose talents are in demand in Dubai, the wider Middle East.”

Said Linx International Group MD David Gill: “Dubai is a major global hub and well respected as a centre of excellence, especially in areas of technology, security and policing.

“The Linx International Group is proud to be working with SIRA to provide security professionals and those seeking to develop a career in security management in the Middle-East, with the UK’s premier security management training.”